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IWS INTERVIEWS / Stark Adder   Versione Italiana - English Version


We are happy to have us with you today Stark Adder.

Please tell us how you got involved in Professional Wrestling.
- In 2003 I traveled to England only to take part in a training camp just to see what it is like. That was the Camp of Pain of AIWF with "The Crippler" Chris Curtis as the head trainer. When I came back to Finland I was surprised to hear that they were looking for people willing to become wrestlers in our country, so of course I contacted those people to get into the business.

Which wrestlers did you have your most notable feuds with?
- When I was the Finnish champion I had some hard time with Valentine. He is the kind of person who will laugh at the rules, he will laugh at the referee and he will laugh at the audience. We fought many times and now he will not laugh at me. I also had a series of matches against Heimo, whom you have also seen in IWS. With him it was like two barbarian warriors clashing so the bouts were something to behold.

What do you think about your experience in IWS?
- It means a lot to me to be in IWS because my first time in Italy was a very special experience to me, when I got to meet wrestlers from all over the world and also fight them in the ring. The Italian audience is always very enthusiastic and so much into what they see that I am always happy to wrestle before them. And I got the honor of forming a tag team with The Italian Dream, which was a remarkable force in the federation.

What do you think of the current state of Pro Wrestling?

- It seems that the sport is not doing very well worldwide at the moment, people have got more interested in mixed martial arts, reality tv and stuff like that. But I believe that in the end of the day it is a sign of something being about to happen. There must be some changes coming, what they are I do not know but it is just a form of evolution and moving forward, I am sure. Pro Wrestling will definetely rise again.

How did you wind up with  "Warriors of the world" as your theme song?
- The band Manowar has such a great attitude towards the fans that I always wanted to be like them. The song also sums up what Stark Adder is about: throughout history warriors have been protectors of the community and defenders of the faith. As a "Warrior of the world" I fight for everybody. When I was the champion, everybody was the champion, and while I am in the ring it is certain that the audience will have everything I got to offer.

What is your favorite finishing move?
- For high impact I use head butt from the top rope. Then I also have my special submission hold, "Constrictor," which won me the Finnish championship. Submission maneuveres are in fact more dangerous than diving from the top rope because of the control you have over the opponent, and I for example can get my opponent in Constrictor in so many ways that they really are in trouble once we go technical in the ring.

Would you recommend the profession of Professional Wrestling to any young man or woman out there today?
- Basically yes but the person must first realize what Pro Wrestling is about and live by that. He or she must understand what they are and not try to fake anything. I have seen people come and go and unfortunately a lot of times they got in because they thought that Wrestling is fake in reality so they can be a part of it. It does not work that way, it really does not and then it is only a question of time when they quit. But as long as you have what it takes you are welcome.

What was it like working with The Italian Dream?
- As a tag team we were unstoppable. I started my career in Finland as a tag team wrestler so I really enjoyed doing it in Italy, plus the Italian audience would accept me as if I was one of their own so it was absolutely a great experience. Of course one thing that helped the audience cheer for me was the fact that my tag team partner was no one else but The Italian Dream; my greetings to him for that.
Have you ever thought about your life without wrestling?
- No.
Do you wanna give any message to the wrestling fans?
- I am looking forward to have another opportunity to prove myself on the Italian soil. I have not had enough, I am still hungry for the fire of battle so get ready and rest assured: I am coming for you.
Some final greetings?
- Stark Adder means metal for blood. Witness it and feel the Absolute Power.


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